Editing and proofreading are essential components of any professional publication and I am now offering these services to authors working in the horror, fantasy, suspense, erotica, and related genres.

I have been working with Horrific Tales Publishing for the past couple of years and offering freelance editing services through word of mouth. I also hold a BA (first class) in Literature and an undergraduate diploma in Creative Writing. My reading taste covers a wide range of genres and eras which has served to enhance my understanding of literary techniques and how to use them for maximum effect.

I am happy to work closely with an author, and will often spend extra time helping them develop areas of their writing.

My rates are as follows:

Proofreading: £5 per 1000 words.
Grammatical, spelling, and formatting mistakes.

Editing: £10 per 1000 words.
Grammatical, spelling and formatting mistakes.
Consistency of plot, characters, timeline.
Fact checks.

Critiques are also available at £5 per 1000 words.

Discounts available to first time clients and publishers.

If you would like me to work on your manuscript, please send a query email to lisajenkinsfiction@gmail.com


“Lisa is one of the most conscientious, methodical and hard working people I have ever worked with. Her attention to detail is second to none and I trust her judgement implicitly. None of Horrific Tales Publishing’s books are ever released without Lisa’s say so.”

Graeme Reynolds, founder of Horrific Tales Publishing, and author of the High Moor series.

“I’ve worked with Lisa Jenkins on several projects now, both as an editor and a proofreader, and I love working with her. Not only is her service extremely professional, but it’s a real pleasure working with her. She is fast, critical and has an amazing eye for detail. It’s not easy to find an editor who is this good and is still affordable. I really can’t recommend Lisa enough, and I hope I will get to work with her on many of my future projects.”

Chantal Noordeloos, author of Coyote:The Outlander, Even Hell Has Standards: Pride, and Deeply Twisted.

“I’ve had the huge good fortune to have Lisa work on several of my manuscripts and she has never failed to improve my work on every occasion. Lisa has a great eye for detail and is passionate about picking up the tiniest mistake and making a manuscript flawless. More than this though, she is carefully attuned to the writer’s individual voice and is an expert at bringing this to the fore. As a writer herself she understands, plot, characterisation and dialogue at an intimate level and is never afraid of asking those difficult questions that will bring a writer to an important revelation about their work. If you have Lisa on your team you’re going to turn in a great book, and that’s a guarantee.”

Jasper Bark, author of Stuck On You and Other Prime Cuts, and Way of the Barefoot Zombie.


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