2015: The Year of Freedom?

New year is almost upon us again; time seems to move far too quickly these days. We spend most of our time rushing about trying to keep on top of our busy lives and it’s easy to forget that some people don’t have the luxury of a life at all. Some of you may be sick of hearing me talk about Jeremy Bamber, and that’s fair enough. Stop reading now. But I will keep talking and talking until people take notice because that’s how change is made. It is now 30 years since Jeremy was found guilty of murder, and even though the evidence is now there to prove his innocence, he still hasn’t been released. 30 years of his life have been lost to greed and lies and this needs to change.

10473203_10152404162745755_4018317538586445608_nI am not going to tell you the whole story again, instead I am going to provide you with links to my previous blog posts that explain why you need to use your voices to help put an end to this.

A day is too much for an innocent person to spend in prison, imagine spending more than half your life there. It happened to him, it’s happened to countless others as we’ve seen in the news over the years, and it could happen to you.

Click here for an account of the night of the tragedy along with links to evidence: Anniversary of the White House Farm Murders:The Real Events

And here for another one of my blog posts showing just how crazy the case against Jeremy Bamber was: A ‘Novel’ Approach

Please take the time to read them and follow the links included to the official Jeremy Bamber website where you’ll find more information and details on how to help. Jeremy’s incarceration is an embarrassment to our whole judicial system and can’t be allowed to continue.


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