Book review of “Characters In Seach of a Novel” by Molly D Campbell

Characters-in-Search-of-a-Novel Molly D Campbell’s book, Characters In Search of a Novel, is an unusual collection that delivers exactly what it says on the cover. Its pages are filled with vignettes, each one depicting a completely different character. Some of them are hilariously over the top and others are so close to reality that they make for a disturbing read.
There is a change in voice for each character. Sometimes the change is subtle and other times it is a beautiful orchestrated change, like the first person account of Birdie Motts or the deep southern drawl of Loretta Squirrels.
Campbell’s attention to detail is remarkable, as if she is really seeing through the eyes of her characters. She brings them to life through mundane tasks and simple pleasures, giving each one an unique view of the world around them, and they are all accompanied by a caricature by a wonderful artist named Randy Palmer.
My favourite one of the collection has to be Fred Smalls. Fred is a dog and it is written from the point of view of his owner’s daughter, Starla Smalls. Starla has to write an essay describing her favourite person and she picks the family dog. The piece is written as if Fred were human which leads to some laugh-out-loud descriptive writing.
My only dislike with this collection is that I would have liked to have seen the stories of the characters developed more, rather than being mainly based on describing the characters themselves. It’s not the type of book that I could become engrossed in, but it does make for a wonderful series of five minute reads.
Here’s hoping that Molly D Campbell finds the novel ideas for these characters and gives us the pleasure of many more books in the future.

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