Christmas is coming

It’s getting close to Christmas and I know you’re wondering what to buy for me so I thought I’d give you a helping hand. Ok, reality check, I know I won’t be getting any of them (and a few of these aren’t even for sale) but I love them anyway 🙂
pantsFugglers are taking the internet by storm and why shouldn’t they? They are the perfect mix of cute and cuddly, and strange and creepy with their realistic looking teeth giving them an oddly human look.
teeth The designer of these wonderful creatures is a woman who calls herself Mrs McGettrick and you can find her selling her wares on Etsy. I just hope she had the foresight to copyright the design 🙂


undead tedUndead Ted’s are a bit less lovable but still a favourite of mine in the cuddly toy department as the workmanship that goes into these zombie bears is remarkable. I remember coming across these when they were new and the idea was that you sent in your favourite teddy bear to be transformed into something beautiful yet gruesome.


Who doesn’t love Lego? This Lego character is fantastic but unfortunately not for sale. It is part of an exhibition by artist Jason Freeny called Street Anatomy. I spent years playing with Lego characters and bought many of them for my children but all of a sudden, they seem to be more real … more human … more capable of killing me in my sleep!
nesting dollAnd a similar toy … the anatomical nesting doll, or Russian doll as I knew it as a child. With this version you get to peel off the layer from skin to skeleton to internal organs 🙂 Made and hand-painted by artist Jason Levesque, these are gallery pieces only right now but I can definitely see them taking off as future Christmas presents!

santani sowl

And finally … something that’s extremely cute but looks like it could rip your face off if its mood changed, This is a creation by Russian artist, Santani and is called a Sowl. She does sell her work but it is in such demand that she is working on pre-orders only right now.
You can click on any of the pictures for links to either shops or information about the artists of these wonderful creations 🙂


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